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Date:2003-08-27 01:35
Subject:Been 3 months
Mood: cheerful

..Since I updated.

Too long I know but my life is pretty same-y. Still going good. Me and Tom are closer than ever.

Its nice being in Australia, reminds me of San Diego in a way. I like sharing a bed with Tom when we are away from home. Very comforting.

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo soon but I'm still thinking about it. Hawk said he'd design one for me.

We are hopefully going to record our first EP over here next month. I can't wait to have an 'official' release out there. Its hard choosing what songs to put on there, we've decided on making it a 6 song EP. Tom and I have been going through the OASH song book trying to sort out some songs. Sasha gave us control over it since we wrote the songs.

I can't think of much else to write.


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Date:2003-05-22 21:48
Subject:another love song I wrote for you....
Mood: accomplished

So we're in Christchurch now, have been since Tuesday.
Its been good so far, we have a party to play at tomorrow night. There's a big concert thing happening at the same time which Sasha really wanted to go to. But its alright.

I'd never been to the South Island before so its all new to me. Hawk lived in Nelson for a while (we're stopping off there sometime) and he raves about it. Christchurch seems pretty cool.

Things are going well with all of us. Sasha has cheered up a lot since we've been here. Hawk and Ben are still going at it (Sasha asked).
Tom's birthday is coming up. Its the 30th and I can't believe I almost forgot. I need some ideas on what to get him. *thinks*

I've been working on some new songs. :D


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Date:2003-05-10 00:40
Subject:A story from my life...
Mood: contemplative

I've been meaning to write some things about me for a while and now that I don't have much to do I'll write about discovering my sexual preferance.

When I was a little kid I never had much interest in girls as being more than just friends. I didn't think they had cooties becuase I had friends that were girls it just never interested me, having a girlfriend.
And when I got older I still didn't have that much interest in girls sexually. I didn't have any interest in guys either. When I was 14 I had a girlfriend but it was more like friendship with fairly innocent kissing. She broke up with me after about a month.

I got a job working in a music shop when I was 15. I've always loved music so it was my dream job. And I had my dream co-worker. This guy called Matt. He was 18 and I'm not sure why but I was attracted to him. He was good looking, smart and funny. And even though I was confused I wasn't freaked out by these feelings.

Through my horny teenage mind etc I 'experimented' with these new ideas. I knew Matt was definately straight so I knew that would never be. I also knew that I didn't want to tell my friends about this kinda stuff. Its not that they were homophobic they'd say it wouldn't matter but would subtly avoid hanging out with me. I didn't want that.

6 months after I'd first got the job mum told me that we would be moving to New Zealand in 2 months. I'll go into this more in another entry but my feelings were mixed. In the end I was all for the idea and was looking forward to starting new in New Zealand.

First day of school I met Sasha who I immediately felt a connection with. We started going out after a few weeks of being friends. Sasha knew that I wasn't sure what I wanted and she still wanted to go out with me. After about a month of dating I figured out that I wanted guys. Sasha is my perfect girl (as scary as that sounds) and I didn't want a girl.

And the story about Tom I'll save for another day


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Date:2003-05-04 22:42
Subject:And the tour continues....
Mood: tired

Well we haven't made it out of Auckland yet. All our North Island shows keep cancelling on us. But we are off to the south island in a week. Hawk's looking forward to going to Nelson.

Hawk and Ben make a good couple.. and Sash is happy she has another couple to videotape. *shakes head* I worry about her sometimes.

And that's all I feel like writing at the moment because I'm tired.

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Date:2003-04-27 20:03
Subject:And the tour...
Mood: nervous

has started. Dan's really nice, he's hanging around backstage with us. The Uninvited are playing now. In 20 minutes we play. Lots of people here, well for us anyway.

Hawk and Ben are at the merch tables. Sasha just came back from talking to them and they've sold a bit of stuff. That's great.

Sasha keeps talking about the new Big Brother (Australian) coming up. I think she just wants to watch the uncut show. Pervert. ;)

Better get going. Wish me luck


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Date:2003-04-18 01:07
Subject:uninspired and growing tired...

hmmm I need to find a picture to use for my lj icon. Possibly a icon of one of my fave bands

I'm hungry... and bored. Tom's sleeping, he's so cute. Awwww

That's will be all for now.

And Sasha's not home tonight either. lol Wonder where she is? ;)


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Date:2003-04-14 21:37
Subject:Stolen from Sazz
Mood: accomplished

1.) First name? Zeb
2 ) Middle name? Oliver
3.) Nicknames? Zebby, ZebX, Xavier, Zox....
4.) Zodiac Sign? Gemini
5.) Sex? Male
6.) Birthday? June 5th
7.) Where do you live? Auckland
8.) Do you have a boy/girlfriend? yep
9.) If so what's her/his name? Tom
10.) What's your favorite color? blue
12.) Do you have any piercings, or want any? yep
13.) If so what do you have/want pierced? ears and labrette
14.) Do you have a tattoo or want one? want one. getting one on my 18th
15.) If so what kind and where? dragon on my arm probably.
16.) Where do you shop at the most? music stores around the place. The supermarket.
17.) Do you smoke? nope
18.) Do you do drugs? nope. smoked a few joints but its not something i'd do all the time.
19.) What kind of music do you like? hmm punk, pop-punk, rock most stuff
20.) Who could you tell almost anything to? Tom, Sasha, Hawk, my mum (don't laugh)
21.) What sports do you play? none really. I skateboard etc
22.) What are you most scared of? losing those closest to me
23.) What is your favorite animal? cats, dogs.
24.) What is your favorite amphibian? frog?
25.) How many phones do you have in your house? hmmm 3 normal phones and 3 mobiles (mum's, Sasha's, and me & Tom share one)
26.) How many TV's do you have in your house? 3
27.) What's your favorite food? sweet and sour chicken
28.) Do you look like anyone famous? *shrugs* possibly a guy from a pop-punk band. lol
29.) Do you think Brad Pitt is cute? sometimes
30.) Are you a virgin? Nope *grins*
31.) What cologne should a hot guy wear? I dunno. 32.) What are you listening to right now? "Jet Pack" by EVE 6
33.) Who are you talking to right now? Sazz and Adam.
34.) Whats your favorite saying? I don't know
35.) Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? yeah. though I like kissing someone from the same sex better ;)
36.) Favorite shoes? red chucks.

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Date:2003-04-14 21:28
Mood: cheerful

Was talking to Mike before.

zebxbass: when you see Sasha can you tell her to tell me when she downloads stuff on my computer
deltaforceboy2: What'd she download this time?
deltaforceboy2: Gay porn again?
zebxbass: yaoi yeah
deltaforceboy2: Riight.
zebxbass: lol
zebxbass: and no i didn't download it myself
deltaforceboy2: Good. There are some things I just don't want to know about your private life. Most of it.
zebxbass: lol well that's good
zebxbass: guess it would be awkward telling you anyway
deltaforceboy2: I don't. Want. To know.

He's probably afraid that given the chance I'd tell him all about my active sexlife with Tom. hehe

I have no idea where Tom is. He went away a few hours ago and I have no idea where he went. Oh well sure its nothing and he'll be back soon.

I decided (with encouragement from Sazz yaoipimp ) that I will post up some story type things about important events in my life. So if anyone wants to request anything just ask. I'm pretty open with things so yeah anything goes.


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Date:2003-04-13 00:44
Mood:drunk as fuck

Oh dude I'm soooo drunk. We played really good, Mike jumped on stage and started singing classic punk songs. I'm too drunk to remember what they were.

Me and Tom had sex in Sasha's friends old cubby house out in the backyard, I feel so wrong but also very horny. Tom, Tom! Get your hot ass here. I looove you.

This beer is great!

And Tom returns



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Date:2003-04-11 20:01
Subject:Zeb X - the X is for X rated
Mood: mischievous

I was bored so made some 'dodgy' additions to my profile.


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Date:2003-04-11 18:52
Mood: bored

Gig tomorrow night at friends birthday party. And yes Mike deltaforce there will be alcohol.

And yes Sasha I did have a good time with Tom. ;)

School finished today for the term here in New Zealand. Though I don't go to school anymore, I'm taking a few Bursury subjects by correspondence, so is Tom and Sasha. They should have Busury Perving coz Sasha would get an A for that. Heh.

Its alright doing school by correspondence. Get to choose what hours you do school work, I usually do about 3-4 hours minimum each day. I'm doing pretty good with it so hopefully I'll pass my exams at the end of the year. I'm not really sure what I want to do 'when I grow up'. Something to do with music definately :D

Last night after sex me and Tom had a talk about the band. We're planning to put together an EP after the tour. Not sure what studio to record in though. We recorded our demo at a friends studio thing, cheap job but it sounds good for a cheap job.

I was reading my journal from last year (paper one) and found a stupid poem thing I'd written about my crush on Tom (back when it was a crush and Tom had no idea how I felt). It made me laugh so I recited it to Tom today. He thought it was cute and that it made him hot. Very odd. But if anyone wants to read it I spose I can post it up on here.

I might do one of those survey things soon or make one up myself.


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Date:2003-04-09 22:31
Subject:Zebby woah!
Mood: horny

So I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of being alone. Sasha is at Hawk's hanging out with Mike and Tom has gone to the dairy to buy snacks and stuff for us to share. Plus some supplies for when we go to bed ;) hehe

I've been doing some writing lately, lyrics and stuff. Might try out some new songs on tour. I'm really excited about Daniel kissdivine coming to see us play. Sasha got him in trouble with his boyfriend, said that Hawk had a crush on Daniel. Poor guy.

Poor Hawk is a bit sad at the moment. I just read his latest journal entry. I hope he feels better soon.

Ohh Tom's back with that look in his eye. Zebby's gonna get some action tonight!


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Date:2003-04-07 17:30
Mood: happy

I got a code for this lj from amq. Thanks.
I would of had one earlier but Sasha sashperve my dear friend/bandmate/pain in the ass gave my code away. Ah well its alright. I have one now.

I'm Zeb Xavier. I'm 17 (18 not too far away.. ;D). I play bass guitar and sing lead in On A Sugar High. We're going on tour late this month which I'm looking forward too. Just hope Sasha can behave herself. Maybe Mike will keep her under control.

I'm taken. Have a boyfriend (yes a boyfriend.. anyone got a problem with that can talk to Sasha). Been together for over a year now. Sasha has incriminating evidence of me and Tom's relationship (someone really should take that handycam off her)

I lived in San Diego till a few years ago when me and my mum (Sasha kept hassling me about 'mom') moved to Auckland, New Zealand. I met Sasha and I've never been the same since. *edited* I've been fucked up ever since.

Anything else you wanna know just ask.


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